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Book Review Learning Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control #winserv #BYOD @packtpub

Recently I had the opportunity to read another Packt Publishing book about Dynamic Access Control.

This book is a bit off topic from my normal cluster stuff. The book is written by Jochen Nickel. The Dynamic Access Control book is not a large book. The book consists of 9 chapters which total 125 pages, but the book is all about DAC one role fully covered in a book.

If you start reading this book understanding of windows 2012 , Forefront Identity Manager & ADFS is needed. but even if you are starting with this it is a great place to start.

The learning goals of this book: ( more details )

  • Understand how Dynamic Access Control can help your organization control access to information
  • Identify and get to know the main building blocks and functionality of Dynamic Access Control
  • Create Central Access and Auditing Policies, including Transformation Policies
  • Classify information using different methods, including a deep dive into the File Classification infrastructure
  • Design and implement Rights Management integration
  • Extend your solution with third-party tools in particular for classification
  • Integrate Dynamic Access Control in SharePoint and other products
  • Discover the possibilities you get by using Dynamic Access Control for BYOD
  • Explore how other Microsoft solutions can be used as an enhancement of your solution

This book is in great detail and step by step samples, and if you a starter I suggest do take the paper book. this is easier but that is totally my opinion.

The book is one big step by step guide and even if you a starter on this that is no problem. there is a lot of explanations of the samples and great for learning. If you are working with the concept of BYOD there is a nice chapter on how to support this with work folders etc , I will not go into to much detail.

This book is a more practical book on how to do this but with explanations how to setup the DAC and the PowerShell commands and using the Claims. my favorite chapters are 8 & 9. Automation and troubleshooting, this is always a pain set it up and you have problems to get this working.

In chapter 9 there is a nice drill down on where and how to find stuff with nice details in the screenshots. as a sample finding Data quality in Active Directory is also a common problem, this is nicely explained.

I recommend this book for engineers who have the task or consider deployment/configuration of Dynamic Access Control in their environments.

The book can be found here :

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Packt Publishing has launched an exciting campaign to coincide with the release of the 2000th title #packt2k

Several MVP have written System Center Books or Hyper-v / Windows 2012 Books. I created some reviews about those books. the links are below.

Looking for a book Checkout Packs webshop

So checkout there store and get a discount

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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 #Cookbook #scvmm

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Cookbook has been published by Packt Publishing. The Author is MVP Edvaldo Alessandro Cardoso. You can get the book from the publishers page:

Table of content:

Chapter 1: VMM 2012 Architecture
Chapter 2: Installing SCVMM 2012
Chapter 3: Installing the VMM Management Server
Chapter 4: Configuring Fabric Resources in VMM
Chapter 5: Deploying Virtual Machines and Services
Chapter 6: Upgrading from SCVMM 2008 R2 SP1
Chapter 7: Scripting in Virtual Machine Manager
Chapter 8: Managing VMware ESXi and Citrix XenServer Hosts
Chapter 9: Managing Hybrid Clouds, Fabric Updates, Creating Clusters, and New Features of SP1

This book is a cookbook that covers architecture design, planning and is full of deployment tips, techniques and solutions designed to show users how to improve VMM 2012 in a real world scenario. It will guide you to create, deploy and manage your own Private Cloud with a mix of Hypervisors : Hyper-V, Vmware ESXi and Citrix XenServer

It is great to see everything is done step by step, where needed there is a reference to microsoft blog post or technet articles. After doing al the basic stuff you can start with Chapter 4 this is the part where you create the networks and this is done in detail and most important easy to read, the next step is creating all the VMM templates.

And If you already have vmm 2008 this is also an excellent guide for you there is a whole chapter on upgrading the VMM server. After all this configuration and connecting to the other Vmware ESXi and Citrix XenServer servers it is time to use the product with the book you have a great start and ready to build your cloud.

But my favorite part is chapter 9 , new features and deploying Clusters ! and there is a lot more stuff in the book that is really cool. After reading this book You can configure and create VM’s no Mather if they are running on non hyper-v and all from one central point Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Sp1

One tip If you want to start with VMM make sure you start with SP1 For the book it is the same but It saves you time, can’t wait to see the next VMM book like in-depth Building templates and Azure hybrid clouds this is also possible with VMM 2012 it is a great product

The author of this book is Edvaldo Alessandro Cardoso. He is a regular speaker at technical conferences, blogger and MVP in Virtualization.

His blog can be found here:

Or give him a tweet @edvaldocardoso

You can buy this book now from:

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