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Windows(R) Image to Virtual Hard Disk (WIM2VHD) Converter


during my very busy week I can’t post a lot but There is one tool that is very handy.

Check it out.



The Windows(R) Image to Virtual Hard Disk (WIM2VHD) command-line tool allows you to create sysprepped VHD images from any Windows 7 installation source. VHDs created by WIM2VHD will boot directly to the Out Of Box Experience, ready for your first-use customizations. You can also automate the OOBE by supplying your own unattend.xml file, making the possibilities limitless.
Fresh squeezed, organically grown, free-range VHDs – just like Mom used to make – that work with Virtual PC, Virtual Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Windows 7’s new Native VHD-Boot functionality!


  • A computer running one of the following Windows operating systems:
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V RTM enabled (x64 only)
  • The Windows 7 Beta Automated Installation Kit (AIK) or Windows OEM Pre-Installation Kit (OPK) installed.
  • A Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 installation source, or another Windows image captured to a .WIM file.

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Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios


We are pleased to announce that this Solution Accelerator has now been released to TechNet and is now available now on the Microsoft Download Center:

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios relate the IT and user business requirements for a flexible, efficient, and managed desktop environment to sets of complementary Microsoft technologies. It accomplishes this by defining and using five standard user scenarios that map business requirements to technology solutions. These core scenarios cover most desktop user situations. They are: Office Worker, Mobile Worker, Task Worker, Contract/Offshore Worker, and workers who need to Access from Home. Each scenario puts a different emphasis on applications, security, and networking. In this way, these scenarios provide a flexible, adaptable desktop experience that meets the business requirements of each of these users.

Solution Accelerator Components

This accelerator includes the following components:
. Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Assessment (a guide)
. Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Assessment Guide:
The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Assessment describes the five user scenarios defined for the Windows Optimized Desktop and further describes the Microsoft products and technologies that underpin each scenario solution. Additionally, this document guides you through an assessment of the user profiles in your organization to identify which scenario or scenarios best meets their needs.

Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool:
The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool is designed to help you identify applicable scenarios, based on user and business requirements, for each user segment within your organization.

Download This Tool

You can download the IPD Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Assessment Guide and Tool here:
This is the latest Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guide in a growing popular series which cover deployment, product integration and virtualization among other IT Pro subjects. Read more about the IPD series here:

Additional Resources

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The Solution Accelerator Team

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