Clustering on Windows 8 the first steps

Now that windows 8 is available to the public, I can show you how to build a cluster in windows 8 not that this is shocking different than in windows 2008R2. but here are the few steps. There is so much new stuff that it is a long blog with a lot of screen dumps for those who just want to see and not want to install a cluster.

First we need two servers I will build a two node cluster.

Windows 8Windows 8Windows 8

This is basically the first logon page. I already added the machine to the domain and give the network a name and installed the failover Role.


Windows 8 Windows 8some screen shots

As in windows 2008R2 install the Role Failover Clustering and start to install the cluster.But where to start it looks so different. all the stuff is in the control panel.

clip_image002[12] clip_image004[11] clip_image006[8]

The Server manager and the control panel are important , go to programs for the installed programs and not for roles or features. as you can see Winking smile


clip_image008[10] clip_image010[5]

Now that we found the roles follow the wizard. For installing the roles right click on the server and choose add role the wizard popsup and check the role and or feature it is fast and easy.

clip_image011[9] clip_image013[9]

the role is set and after a reboot ( I checked .NET 3.5 and other options ) that needed a reboot I’m ready for my cluster.

clip_image007  clip_image002[8] clip_image004[5]

Do the check vallidation if the Cluster nodes are useable for clustering

clip_image006[4] clip_image008[4]clip_image010

The Report shows that the storage is not Ok . This is right I need to assign the storage to the cluster.

The next step is create the cluster. I created the Cluster and give a cluster Name and IP number


Now that the cluster is ready for usage. We see that it is slightly different than in windows 2008R2 . The options in the roles are changed, menus are different.

Lets see step by step what is changed. the screens tells you the change.

clip_image028clip_image030 All the services that can be clustered out off the box just follow the wizard . and get a different view of the Items. It depends on what you want to see.

clip_image033 clip_image035

As you can see the right click on the servers and other items gives you a nice view what you can do. very nice thing is that now you can drain the roles and not only pause the node.

Nice is not the show events just right click and you are there.


Create an empty role just right click and you are there.

clip_image044 clip_image046clip_image048

Assign disk and change the Cluster Quorum / witness disk



an overview of my windows 8 server running on hyper-v. I like the icons on the desktop Winking smile

the new server manager is way different and at first I thought WTF but after a few clicks I like it YES it need some adjustments but the start is OK nice over view of the things you want to change the first time. events ,performance yes this is cool nice views. really cool to much to put in one blog post. for now my denali cluster is ready and DC’s. all servers are test servers. probably the next version can’t be upgraded and all the work is gone so a lot of powershell exports for the next release.


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