Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2012

Strengthen your compliance experience with new features from the Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 8 Beta.

Key features include:

  • Knowledge
    • Out of box classification configuration package
    • Mapping with PCI-DSS and NIST 800-53 standards
  • Enhanced User Experience
    • Scenario driven User Interface
    • Classification wizard to configure file server classification infrastructure
    • Claims wizard to help configure a claim value
  • New features to support Windows Server 8 Dynamic Access Control
    • Support for out of box rights management file management Tasks
    • Support for global and secure  properties
    • Manage and report default Central Access Policy on file servers
    • User and device claims wizard to help determine the set of values for claims
    • Active Directory Central Access Policy Configuration Export and Import tool to configure central access policy across forest
    • Support for both Windows Server 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2 file servers

Top Benefits:

Get ready for Windows Server 8 Beta and stay on top of your compliance. The toolkit offers support for new Windows Server 8 Beta features, Dynamic Access Control, and forward compatibility for existing functionality from the earlier version of the toolkit. The Data Classification Toolkit provides support for configuring data compliance on both Windows Server 8 Beta file servers and Windows Server 2008 R2 file servers to help automate the file classification process, and make file management more efficient. The final release of Windows Server 8 is right around the corner; make sure your compliance process and policies are up to date!

Simplify configuring Central Access Policy. This version of the toolkit allows you to provision and standardize Central Access Policy across the forest, and apply default access policy on your file servers. It also provides a tool to provision user and device claim values based on Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) resources to help simplify the configuration process of Windows Server 8 Beta Dynamic Access Controls. In addition, you can easily track and report existing Central Access Policy on file shares.

Strengthen your user experience. The toolkit adds UI to the existing Windows PowerShell experience, including a Classification Wizard for managing file classification and Central Access Policy on the file servers in your organization. The UI also provides a wizard that you can use to build claim values in AD DS.

This toolkit is designed to help enable an organization to:

  • Identify, classify, and protect data on its file servers.
  • Provide support for Windows Server 8 Beta, as well as for hybrid environments of Windows Server 8 Beta and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Easily configure default Central Access Policy across multiple servers.
  • Build and deploy policies to protect critical information in a cost-effective manner.

Click here to download the beta now.

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