Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007 SP2



I find IAG a nice product SSL VPN, application Dashboard, ok It is not that easy to handle but it is fully adjustable if you know how. easy manipulate files and it works. but now there is a sp2 coming and there will be a VHD. See below for the fully features.

Going Virtual! IAG NOW available as a Virtual Machine– (Hyper-V Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008)

  • Interoperability – Significantly enhanced support for Firefox, Linux and Mac
  • Enhanced Application Support
  • Dynamics CRM Web
  • OCS Web Client
  • Improved KCD/User Experience
  • Improved Performance
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Incorporates all updates:
  • SharePoint Fix
  • WMI-based detection leveraging the Detection Center
  • IP based logging of Network Connector
  • Runs on Hyper-V Server 2008 or Windows 2008 with Hyper-V.
  • Minimal performance overhead
  • Appliance-like TCO & Security
  • Flexible hardware deployment
  • Easy disaster recovery, site replication and backup and restore
  • Virtual DMZ Architecture for customers with Virtual Data Server Farms to eliminate the need for physical network separation


  • No limitation to Microsoft shops
  • Capabilities
  • Detection capabilities – New
  • Cache cleaning – New
  • Port forwarding – Existing
  • Full tunnel – Not supported for now, use IP VPN instead
  • Experience
  • Some changes to Policy Admin UI
  • End user will get a Java security pop-up instead of our Download Manager UI
  • Newly supported Browsers & Platforms
  • Firefox, Safari
  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Host application detection
  • Support for a very wide selection of client security applications
  • Support of new versions of client products is pro-active, will get periodic updates from Microsoft

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