ISCSI – VMWARE – Cluster tips from the field part two



Ok below is the disk layout and the hardware layout , as you can see the ISCSI software is in place. ( setup next, I agree,finish )


ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster 

Below You can see the configured Services ( all default )

ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster

Sample screen shot from the configured ISCSI targets ( disks) the iscsi disk are vhd file !

ISCSI Cluster

For performance reasons I did a NLB on the NIC’s both nic’s are GBit and during a copy I got 39 % network load on one nic after the NLB i had only 10 % max, in this case I did Not use the ISCSI option in the HP nic. I will show you this in the next post.


The Disk layout. and the ISCSI Software MMC

ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster

Setting up a new ISCSI Disk used for the VMware server. Right mouse on the Server Create new virtual disk (vhd )

ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster

Watch out With the disk size it is in MB WHO uses a MB disk size I’m not 😉 so 1 GB = 1000 MB First time I did not read the stuff just next next Finish until the OS install I had only 15 MB disk size ;-(

Give the Disk a name  so it is easy to find if you have more than one disk.

ISCSI Cluster  ISCSI Cluster

On the VMWare Server you have to check out several things. Go to the VMWARE server and configuration , Storage adapter.

You have to enable the ISCSI channel

VMWARE   VMware ISCSI Cluster  VMware ISCSI Cluster

After this you put in the ISCSI Server that you just create the virtual disk. Then Do a Rescan on the Adapter

VMware ISCSI Cluster  VMware ISCSI Cluster  VMware ISCSI Cluster

If you don’t see the disk than you forgot to add the Service console ISCSI, it is in the manual but easy to forget. And give it an IP number but do not use the Gateway !! this is default the case just remove the Gateway.

VMware ISCSI Cluster 

So go to the Storage add Storage and it is a disk lun you can see this also in the iscsi server LUN 0- xxx

VMware ISCSI Cluster  VMware ISCSI Cluster  VMware ISCSI Cluster

VMware ISCSI Cluster 

So after this you must see the disk and it is ready for use.

VMware ISCSI Cluster

There is more than one software tool to get ISCSI running. I’m only use this to show how you can do this.

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