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Install Microsoft Fix it Center?

To make the most of your Microsoft Fix it Center Online account, please take a few minutes to install the Microsoft Fix it Center application.

  • Diagnostics check your computer for specific problems and automaticallly fix them
  • Fix and prevent common problems with one click
  • Find solutions targeted for your hardware and software problems

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After You Downloaded the FIX IT Center. Run the Setup

image image image

The Setup is easy just press next

image image image

See the components that are available

image image image

Use your passport to connect

image image image

Ready for the first run

image image image image

Check my system for errors.

image image image  image image image image image image image image

My first opinion this can be handy and fix things, but it would be nice if it checks on updates , or hotfixes and fix my vista black screen problem.

And If Microsoft build a corporate tool for this that you can run on your lan that would be nice, a bit like CER 2.0.

Nice tool Fix IT

Posted April 16, 2010 by Robert Smit in Deployment

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