Microsoft System Center Advisor #SCA

There is a new product in the System Center Suite the advisor. #SCA

In the basic it is just Opsmgr 2007 but it gives advise what error you have , missing updates, All the thing you want to know if there is something wrong. So why pay an external company for hosted opsmgr. most of them are only money collectors. reading the screen and send by email the error. Now you can use Microsoft KB and the best off the SCOM package.  I tested it now for a while and is handy to get a first impression what kind of errors are there , updates,status etc.

For those who know MRAS Performance and Reliability this was way before scom and you get indepth reports.


Microsoft System Center Advisor provides:


System Center Advisor ( is an online service that analyzes installations of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (and later versions) and Windows Server 2008 (and later versions). Advisor collects data from your installations, analyzes it, and generates alerts that identify potential issues (such as missing security patches) or deviations from identified best practices with regard to configuration and usage. Advisor also provides both current and historical views of the configuration of servers in your environment.

Advisor is developed by the Microsoft System Center Advisor product group in partnership with Microsoft Support engineers to ensure that the issues customers report to Microsoft are detected before they affect your environment. Advisor is regularly updated to reflect the most recent experiences of these engineers, who support customers around the world.




The Alert overview , This server needs SP1 and other updates , Yes Wsus does this to.


The Configuration overview Servers. Lots of info here.



And the options of the errors , what to do with it or jumb to the configuration of the server.

To see if there are changes in the hardware or software.



Easy access and to use, the installation is less than 5 min , setup , next next , done.

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