MSDTC Clustering Logfile Bug

For some enhanced settings I want to change the log file settings in the MSDTC settings.

It should been between 1 MB and 512 MB so I set my logfile setting to 512 Mb.

Invalid log file ? What ??  Why is 70 MB between 1 and 512 Mb  ?


So it turns out that 64 MB is the max logfile size for the MSDTC log.

Is it a bug ? Yes and No The error message is not clear for this You can’t set this in the GUI you can only set this in the Registery.

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There is more diskspace so this can’t be the issue.

Set the LOG size above 64 MB

By default, the Maximum log file size is 64 MB. For general scenarios, one should not need more than that. But if you have a reason to increase the log file size past 64 MB, you can push this up to 512 MB provided you have a certain registry entry – MaxLogSize under MSDTC registry key.

For standalone servers, this is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftMSDTC .

For Clustered DTC, it is at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEClusterResources<ResID>MSDTCPRIVATEMSDTC

Create a DWORD entry MaxLogSize and set it to 512 (decimal)

But What about the security settings ? IF I look I the services than I see a domain account running this services.


But On the DCOMCNFG.exe I see no service account but when I change something here the service account is reset to the Networkservice.


This is also a GUI bug If you look in the register you can see the service account is there and in the services it is also there.

So be carefull If you change something in the cluster MSDTC gui your services account will go to the default settings !

the NETWORKService

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