Network Monitor 3.3 Beta has Released!

Please also visit our NM33 Beta Release Blog for some more information.


What’s New in NM3.3 Beta

§ Ability to capture on WWAN and Tunnel interfaces on Win7

§ Critical fixes to NM3.3 to operate correctly with Hyper-V

§ Right-click add to alias. Right-click a frame in the Frame Summary window with an IPv4, IPv6, or MAC address to add that address as a new alias.

§ Right click go to definition: Right-click a field in the Frame Details windows and select Go To Data Field Definition or Go To Data Type Definition to see where the field is defined in the NPL parsers.

§ Auto-scroll. See the most recent traffic as it comes in. In a live capture, click the Autoscroll button on the main toolbar to have the Frame Summary window automatically scroll down to display the most recent frames as they come in. Click Autoscroll again to freeze the view in its present location.

§ Experts available online: Experts are stand-alone applications that analyze Network Monitor capture data. Various experts are available online at

§ Frame Comments: Attach comments to frames in a saved capture file. Select the Frame Comments tab in the lower-right window to add, view, edit, or delete comments.

§ API Extensions: API methods have been added to enable access to conversation information, properties, field display strings, and comments.

§ Ability to open ETL files and correlate information by Network Tracing scenario

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Posted March 6, 2009 by Robert Smit in Network Monitor, Windows

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