Secure Vantage ACS Administrators Quick Reference


Secure Vantage released a ACS Administrators Quick Reference for Free.

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ACS Administrators Quick Reference

Based on some customer and partner feedback we put together a 1 page quick reference sheet for the Audit Collection Service (ACS) included with System Center Operations Manager 2007. This ACS ‘cheat sheet’ includes best practices, configuration and administrative facts for managing your ACS environment.

If you’re new to ACS or it’s something you don’t administer often this doc is for you. Don’t waste time hunting for information, print this doc and keep it close by. 

Download ACS Administrators Quick Reference

Summary of content

· adtAdmin Command, Parameters and SubParameters List

· Best Practices

· Collector Default Settings

· Collector Queue Settings

· Collector Database Size Planning equation

· Collector Memory Planning equation

· Collector & Forwarder Performance Counter Objects

· dtPartition Status Codes & dtConfig Items

· General Scalability & Performance information

· Important Event IDs

· Key SQL Views

· Noise Filtering Tips

· Security Quick Facts


Posted June 9, 2008 by Robert Smit in Secure Vantage

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