system Center Data Protection Manager ( DPM 2007 )

MGT102-SUN Why Microsoft Built a Backup Solution

Presenters: Jason Buffington, Sandeep Phadke

Sun 11/8 | 16:00-17:15 | New York 1 – Hall 7-1a

This session was about  DPM today and feature DSCF1301

Jason did a brief overview of what is coming this week and take the time for QA. He said DPM is a bit late with his new version because We need this DMP 2010 version now if we want to backup Exchange 2010 and Hyper-V R2

This are the DPM sessions today DSCF1306

Here are some excellent links to the DPM resources

DSCF1304 jason says also how the License is working a enterprise agent and a file agent is the bottom line.

I like the product you should see atleast one session and than tell me that you don’t like this product. No this is great yes as an addon.

it is fast and stable and you can easy restore your Microsoft product’s ok it cost a lot of diskspace and you need a fast san. But hardware is cheat these days so this should not be an issue.

Tomorrow is the first day at ask the expert booth so maybe I see you there. I have to go to the bar here Jack Daniel’s is waiting.

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