the end of the floppy disk

Floppy disc, PC World announces the end of the floppy disk

finally the end of the floppy disk is here, who needs it any more. So I copied my last million 3,5 disk to my hard disk now I have a million floppy’s on one 1,5 TB disk. Imagen the time that you need to find a file on a million floppy’s ;-)

Below are some items about the floppy disk.

The 3.5in floppy disk, once an icon of the computer age, is to be cleared from the shelves of PC World as demand for disks plummets.

In 1998 we were using more than 2bn floppy disks a year – but new technology and the rise of digital photography and music has left the floppy disk almost obsolete.

Apple was the first mass-market computer manufacturer to drop the floppy drive with the release of the iMac in 1998. Five years later Dell removed floppy drives from its best-selling Dell Dimension range.

The first floppy disk – which was 8in – was developed by IBM in the late 1960s to replace tape drives. The disk was invented by David Noble, an engineer for IBM.

The first 3.5in disk – which was developed by Sony – was sold in 1981.

Today consumers have a wide choice of storage devices and can also use recordable or rewritable CDs. A USB memory stick can store 1,000 times as much as a floppy disk.

The increasing availability of broadband and wireless internet connections has rendered small-scale removable storage devices largely obsolete.

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Sony to stop selling floppy disks from 2011

Floppy disk

The first floppy disk was introduced in 1971 by IBM

Sony has signalled what could be the final end of the venerable floppy disk.

The electronics giant has said it will stop selling the 30-year-old storage media in Japan from March 2011.

Earlier this year Sony stopped selling the disks in most international markets due to dwindling demand and competition from other storage formats.

The slow death of the "floppy" or "diskette" began in 1998 when Apple decided not to include a floppy drive in its G3 iMac computer.

Since then various other firms have stopped support for floppy disks, including computer giant Dell in 2003.

Computing store PC World stopped selling them in 2007.

However, Sony has continued to sell the disks, and continues to ship them in the millions.

Now, the firm – which claims to have produced the first 3.5in (9cm) disks in 1981 – has decided to halt sales completely faced with competition from online storage and portable USB drives.

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