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Migration to the Cloud easy or not ?

Trial and error is a fundamental method of solving problems and in many cases the method to get to the cloud no testing, bud did you know there are great tools that you can use to see if your environment is ready for the cloud ? there is Windows Azure Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment and the MAP tool kit Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Windows Azure Virtual Machine Readiness Assessments for Active Directory, SharePoint Server and SQL Server. Also available on Windows Azure Portal here:

Ready – Set – Move: Download your Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment today. This assessment will automatically inspect your on-premises environment, whether it be bare metal or already virtualized. After that, we will provide you with tailored guidance and recommendations for migrating your environment to Windows Azure. If you’re running Active Directory, SQL, or SharePoint this tool will make it easy for you to get started.


image image

easy wizard and a scan will take place. On the selected items



As in the report my AD is ready for the Cloud ( pssst it is already in the cloud Winking smile)

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How to get Windows Azure ?

Get a subscription

If you do not already have an Azure subscription, getting one is easy. Whether you are just learning the platform around or running a production deployment, there are many options available for creating an account.

· Free Trial. Windows Azure offers a free trial to everyone. You can sign up here:

· MSDN Subscription. As an MSDN subscriber, you are entitled to free Azure credits. You can activate your account here:

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