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Building my new Lab I found something interesting.

I want to create a StorageSpaces but as minimal as possible just for showing and I don’t want to carry 100Gb disks just as place holder.

So I created 1GB disk

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 1GB

Mounted this to the Server and want to create a Storage Pool But there are no disk in the Storage pool.

So a quick get-physicaldisk  showed me the canpool is False !




Strange why is the value False ?

also checking this it showed me “ Insufficient Capacity “ Oh ok so there is a limit a Bing did not showed me this. So where is the limit Smile

Get-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName PhysicalDisk4 |fl




AllocatedSize                    : 1000204886016
BusType                          : ATA
CannotPoolReason                 : Insufficient Capacity
CanPool                          : False
Description                      :
DeviceId                         : 4

I created a few disks and did some testing.

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 2GB

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 3GB

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 6GB

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 10GB

New-VHD –Path S:Data1.VHDX -Fixed -SizeBytes 20GB







You need at least a 4GB disk! I could not find any guidance on this now in the real world this would not be a problem

Now I can create My StorageSpace
















More Info On storageSpaces :

Storage Spaces Overview

Posted December 17, 2013 by Robert Smit in Windows Server 2012 R2

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