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Windows Update Standalone Beta client Windows Vista and Windows 7


There is a new beta for the windows update , I must say this is a nice improvement better overview and new options

Now Standard Users can install Updates. < and this beta works on windows 7 ;-)  >

Get it on the connect site.


image  There is an new option Who can install Updates !

This option is enabled by default in Windows 7. It is disabled by default in Windows Vista to preserve the allowed functionality that administrators expect non-administrators to have.

As a result of these improvements, preliminary data suggests an overall 95% reduction in UAC prompts when using Windows Update.

image image

The New Screens off Windows update


Improved error hubs

Many of the Windows Update error hubs have been improved to provide users with a clear action they can take to help solve the problem that occurred.

image Action Center integration (Windows 7-only)

Unable to check for updates

Notification appears if unable to check for updates for 32+ days:

Launch a scan by clicking the notification, or the button in Action Center:

image image


Upcoming auto-install

Action Center reminds users about scheduled update installations, so they can save their work in advance and avoid losing their data.

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I guess it wasn’t last call – register those Windows Vista Promo Kit PINs Teched 2008 EMEA

Last Call Register You Vista Copy 

I would imagine some of you attended Microsoft events last year.  At some of those events we handed out or raffled off NFR copies of Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.

Here’s a pretty picture of the kit I grabbed from one of those events.

Many of you ran home and cracked the seal on the kit and immediately followed the instructions.  Those instructions told you to go to the website at and plug in your PIN (the one inside the kit), your information and submit the request.  After you submit the request, an email is sent to you with a valid product key for installation.  The process worked perfectly until the deadline.  That’s the good news.

The deadline WAS 12/31/2008.

Repeat, WAS.

For those of you that missed that deadline, it has now been extended until June 30, 2009.

So if you still have a kit and didn’t register it, please go do it now and have the product ID emailed to you.

Don’t expect the deadline to be extended again.  Get over there and get this done.  Please.

Source: Keith Combs’ Blahg Ramblings from another nerd on the grid

But Remember Not All Vista copy’s needs the Pin code. My copy’s are with the right product key ;-))

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