Cannot Create External Virtual Switch (Grayed out) Network ObjectNotFound New-VMSwitch : Cannot find a physical network adapter #hyperv #winserv

After you created a hyper-v server and did some configurations you are ready to create some networking.

But after running some PowerShell scripts you have errors on creating a external vswitch.

PS C:UsersAdministrator> New-VMSwitch -Name HVNET -NetAdapterName "ethernet 3" -AllowManagementOS $True -MinimumBandwidthMode Weight
New-VMSwitch : Cannot find a physical network adapter named Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.


The nic is there and working I updated the nic with new drivers uninstalled still the same problem.

Lets see if the nic is there :  Get-NetAdapter |? status

Present and up. lets check this with WMI , If the nic is not there or not UP make sure it is there and UP. Uninstall the network device and scan for new devices.

WMIC NICCONFIG GET Description,SettingID


We could find this in the register if needed. But lets see if the bindings are ok

If the Hyper-v Extensible Virtual Switch Protocol is not there you can not Create a external VSwitch !

Easy thing to do is add the Vswitch protocol !

image  image

Now that the Protocol is there you can create the external vswitch and create a working Hyper-v Server!

There are multiple errors or issues that can avoid you for creating a external vswitch.

tools like nvspbind are helpful more info on this :

Or see my older blog post on Windows Server 2012 R2 update thoughts hyper-v virtual Ethernet adapter network cable unplugged

Posted March 24, 2014 by Robert Smit in Hyper-V

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