Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8

On the BUILD conference highlights Microsoft showed new features of windows server 8. one of the new things was clustering DHCP. Now in windows 8 the DHCP clustering is easy to setup and to manage.

Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8 When you have your cluster just add the Role and select DHCP server. Just for the Demo I turned off the second node. Just make sure that you have installed the Windows Role DHCP on both nodes. this is not the cluster Role.

Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8 We choose a netbios name and a IP that will be used for the Clustered DHCP server.

And We select some storage that hold the DHCP files ( DB ) image

image And as I said the Second node is turned off just for the demo to show you the warning the wizard shows you. it is in yellow and says there is only one node.

The Cluster Overview Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8 As you can see the DHCP resource is running on node 1 and in the lower screen you can see the DHCP cluster configuration. Disk , IP, Name. and If you want to change this, this is the place to do this.

If you want to manage the DHCP server just do manage in the Cluster View

image Right click on the DHCP role.


Sample overview of the DHCP server Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8

Now that I have turned on the second node I can do a failover. Eh but you did not configure anything on this node Except installing the Windows DHCP role.

Yes but as it is a cluster the configuration moves to the other node.

image Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8 And I can do manage on both nodes or on a management server open the DHCP scope based on the DHCP netbios name.

Clustering DHCP Windows Server 8 Easy as that and the configuration of all the DHCP scopes are here.

A nice new feature of windows server 8.

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