Clustering FileServer on Windows 2012 Step by Step.

Clustering with file server is easy but I see a lot of problems that are basically configuration errors or misconfiguration. and this is all in windows 2012.

Adding the fileserver in as an resource simple steps.


clip_image002 clip_image004

I use a simple file server for general usage.



File server netbios name and IP


the cluster resource is ready to go and online.


Now we are ready to create a file share on the new file server.




choose Add file share and a new wizard opens to create a new share


and here the window shows you new items


Give the share name and the folder will be created if the folder is not present.


access based enumeration is here in the menu this is a great feature

more info you can find here :


see the access rights on the share


The share creation is completed

clip_image036 In the Cluster you can see the resources but also the shares just change the tap at the bottom for viewing.


clip_image038 clip_image040

Open the shared folder local or by UNC path.

that’s all folks. and see what windows 2012 can bring to you .

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