Clustering ISCSI Target On Windows 2012 Step By Step

For Creating a ISCSI target on a cluster you get a high available iscsi target.

Sure you can run this on a single server (VM ) and move this between the hyper-v nodes.

for doing this in a cluster you need to do the following steps.

Add cluster Resource ISCSI target , fill in the netbios name that you want for the iscsi target



give the target a disk that will hold the VHD files



Now that the cluster resource is created the iscsi target is ready to use.


clip_image012 clip_image014

There is no option in the cluster to start the iscsi target you have to start this in the server manager


As here you can create a new VHD file and use this for targeting , I have no groups so this needs to be created first. I use a small disk just for testing.


clip_image022 image

for creating the disk you can choose mb , gb , TB disk size.



I Create a new iscsi target and a name



the target can be on computer name but this is only for windows 2012 or windows 8



just as in windows 2008r2 these options are the same , targeting on ip , name etc.



this is the IP of the server that will use the ISCSI target





Ready to us the ISCSI targets

Mount it to the server and the target is high available

Posted June 26, 2012 by Robert Smit in Windows 2012, Windows Server 2012

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