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You can now deploy a failover cluster without network name dependencies on Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Using this deployment method enables you to create a failover cluster without the previously required permissions to create computer objects in AD DS or the need to request that computer objects are pre-staged in AD DS.

When you create a cluster by using this deployment method, the cluster network name (also known as the administrative access point) and network names for any clustered roles with client access points are registered in Domain Name System (DNS). However, no computer objects are created for the cluster in AD DS. This includes both the computer object for the cluster itself (also known as the cluster name object or CNO), and computer objects for any clustered roles that would typically have client access points in AD DS (also known as virtual computer objects or VCOs).

Before you create the failover cluster, make sure that the servers that you want to add as cluster nodes meet the following prerequisites:

To deploy this type of cluster, you must use Windows PowerShell. You cannot use Failover Cluster Manager.

To create the failover cluster, start Windows PowerShell as an administrator, and then use the New-Cluster cmdlet with the –AdministrativeAccessPoint parameter set to a value of Dns.

The following example creates a failover cluster (Cluster1) from two nodes (Node1 and Node2), with an administrative access point of type DNS.

New-Cluster Cluster1 –Node Node1,Node2 –StaticAddress -NoStorage –AdministrativeAccessPoint Dns

You can run the following Windows PowerShell command to verify the type of administrative access point for a failover cluster:


For a cluster without network names in AD DS, the expected output value is "Dns."

Posted June 26, 2013 by Robert Smit in Windows Server 2012 R2

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