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What’s the difference between SMSE and SMSD licensing for System Center?

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You know what can make or break a consulting engagement? Licensing costs. Being familiar with licensing costs can in some cases help you to uncover savings that tip the scales in favor of adoption of additional System Center products that will delivery additional ROI for your organization (or your customer) AND more interesting projects for you, as well as more $$$ for professional services and training to ensure successful implementation and adoption.

There were some changes to System Center licensing in recent months driven no doubt in part by new product releases, acquisitions and Microsoft initiatives in the data center and the cloud you need to be aware of. If you are not familiar with the System Center Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) and System Center Server Management Suite Datacenter (SMSD) licensing options and the differences between them, the table below provides some answers.

SMSE and SMSD Licensing Details


* Price listed includes the license and two years of Software Assurance. Software Assurance coverage is required to license the Server Management Suites Enterprise and Server Management Suite Datacenter.

**Price reflects minimum two license requirement for System Center

Get Familiar with Your Licensing Options

Knowing you licensing options in a tight economy can help your IT organization deliver on their commitments to the business at a lower cost, facilitate greater System Center adoption resulting in greater improvements in service delivery to your organization. For more information, visit the System Center licensing area on the Microsoft website at

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Posted October 11, 2010 by Robert Smit in System Center

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