Message #Analyzer #Beta 3 Released (build 6211)! #TEE13 #MA

the new Message Analyzer Beta 3 is available on the Connect site

You have to sign-in and join our site on After creating an account on Connect, you can join our site by looking in the Directory..


New Features

In addition to the new functionality, the performance is improved and reduced the memory footprint. Here is a list of the new features highlights.

Centralized Sharing Infrastructure — users can now utilize the new Message Analyzer sharing infrastructure to create Library items as shareable assets that that you can import, export and share with others. Manageable asset types include Trace Scenarios, Filters, Viewpoints, Color Rules, Column Layouts, and Sequence Expressions.


User Libraries — Above assets are available under centralized User Libraries

Home tab — includes new Ribbon reorganization and enhancements that include the following features:

Viewpoints — specify preset viewpoints so you can view data from the perspective of a protocol, in addition to hiding operations in the current view and resetting the default viewpoint.

Chart tab — enables you to create, edit, save, and share your own Composite Chart viewers that can contain custom-configured pie, bar, timeline, and grid chart components, similar to the built-in Protocol Dashboard.

Time Shifts — specify time shifts that adjust for machine skew or time zone changes across traces.

There is more new stuff I like the charts checkout the tool!


There is a Technet forum for Message Analyzer forum If you have problems this is the place to be.

Posted June 22, 2013 by Robert Smit in Message Analyzer

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