Microsoft MVP Award Renewal for 2013 @MVPAward #MVP13 #MVPBuzz #Tee13

Microsoft MVP Award Renewal for 2013

Even though today is April fools day, it is my MVP renewal date. So, there is always the chance of thinking not being renewed as an April fools joke.


mvp ren

I am once again very honored to have Microsoft recognize my community contributions in the Windows Cluster MVP arena with the renewal of my MVP Award.

Receiving that email notification on the 1st of April is a great way to start the next Windows Version and I am very appreciative that Microsoft feels my efforts are worthy of this recognition. I Will Also thank the Community who is helping me a lot to find new blog content and tweets @clustermvp 


mvpboxThe collaboration of my fellow MVP’s, both past and present, also allow me to explore new areas of technology and experience even more learning. Each and everyone of you have an impact on this and I thank you for that. Many thanks to my MVP Lead , William Janssen.

I’m very happy and I’m looking forward to seeing many of my fellow MVPs on Teched Europe in Madrid. Last year’s you could find me on the windows server 2012 cluster booth , you know the stand with the million IOPS I hope to see and speak you there.

Hyper-V: Over 1 Millions IOPs from a Single VM

Thank you all for the opportunities, the challenges and the continuous learning journey.

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