Powershell MSDTC cluster add in

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For Demo and learning Sites you need often thing that takes only a minute but when you play with it it takes more time than you want.

So with this in my mind I created 3 powershell scripts that you can use for builing a cluster , NLB Cluster and a MSTDC cluster resource.

So If you want to create a MSDTC resource in your Cluster you can do this in the GUI or with a Powershell Script.

You can find the Scripts Here : Powershell Scripts

Powershell MSDTC cluster add in

First We load the powershell modules If it is a cluster you should do this on all the Cluster Nodes

Servermanagercmd -install Application-Server
Servermanagercmd -install AS-Dist-Transaction AS-Ent-Services –allSubFeatures

I Comment every line for what it does.

# Create a new HA Server Role – Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Add-ClusterServerRole -Name ServerDTC -Storage "Cluster Disk 6" -StaticAddress

Here we create the resource and chuck it to a disk and IP

# Add the MSDTC Service to the new Server Role
Get-ClusterGroup ServerDTC | Add-ClusterResource -Name MSDTC-ServerDTC -ResourceType "Distributed Transaction Coordinator"

Put in the MSDTC services.

# Create Dependencies for the DTC group
Add-ClusterResourceDependency MSDTC-ServerDTC ServerDTC
Add-ClusterResourceDependency MSDTC-ServerDTC "Cluster Disk 6"
# Start DTC group
Start-ClusterGroup ServerDTC


So Now that this is ready you can configure the MSDTC but remember the items that I mentioned in my previous blog.


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