Review System Center 2012 Orchestrator 2012 CookBook #scorch #sysctr

Recently I had the opportunity to play with Orchestrator and saw that I need some more practice on how to create a runbook Most of the time creating the runbook cost me more time than doing this by hand ;-(

Then I saw this cookbook  Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012.

The book is written by : Andreas Baumgarten (MVP), Steve Beaumont and Sam Erskine.

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 simplifies the process of automating systems administration tasks. Originally a third-party product named Opalis, which Microsoft acquired in 2009, Orchestrator provides a simplified way of building complex automation. System Center Orchestrator is a complete solution that goes beyond basic automation.

“Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook” will teach you how to plan, create and manage powerful runbooks to help you automate mission-critical and routine administration tasks. The book is a very practical book guidance on installation and configuring the Security settings and securing the SQL server.


System Center 2012 Orchestrator 2012 CookBook #scorch #sysctr

The Table of content. there are nine chapters described as below. and yes system center products are more and more needed so Highly available Scorch is an option. ( well Not described as an FCI ) On the Packt website you can find all the chapter details. I just highlight two chapters.

Chapter 1: Unpacking System Center 2012 Orchestrator

  • Chapter 2: Initial Configuration and Making SCORCH Highly Available
    • Introduction
    • Loading Integration Packs (IPs)
    • Configuring Integration Pack connections
    • Deploying Runbook Servers and Designers with Deployment Manager
    • Making your Runbooks highly available
    • Creating and maintaining a security model for Orchestrator

Chapter 3: Planning and Creating Runbook Designs
Chapter 4: Creating Runbooks for Active Directory Tasks
Chapter 5: Creating Runbooks for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Tasks
Chapter 6: Creating Runbooks for System Center 2012 Operations Manager Tasks
Chapter 7: Creating Runbooks for System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Tasks
Chapter 8: Creating Runbooks for System Center 2012 Service Manager Tasks

  • Chapter 9: Using Advanced Techniques in Runbooks
    • Introduction
    • Creating child Runbooks
    • Implementing error handling in your Runbooks
    • Implementing logging in your Runbooks
    • Creating looping Runbooks

Appendix: Useful Websites and Community Resources

After reading this book you will see this example as not so complicated anymore. This book is very helpful If you are beginners or pro’s on Orchestrators

This is a great guide and really helpful if you are using Orchestrator


The book is available at Pack Publishing,, and :

“Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook” at Packt Publishing

“Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook” at

“Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook” at



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