Robert Smit received Microsoft® MVP Award!

Today I had a email with the ultimate award.  Thank you Community, In this time of my life I can use this to get new powers to ban bad things out of my life. Sometimes people keep yelling that they are the backbone of the community and pushing and pushing to believe they are right , but they are not. I think this kind of power is wrong and if you fight this correctly they will pay believe me they will.

Not always is Microsoft the best solution but think about why this will not fit in your organization most of the times it is policy and not that the software is bad.  This MVP status is great and I will continue helping the community and it may not always your solution to the problem but he I’m not in control of your system. I give you my opinion and hopes it will help you to solve your problem.



Microsoft is pleased to recognize you as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for your exceptional contributions and commitment to technical communities worldwide over the past year. Microsoft is happy to present you with the MVP Award as our special way of saying thanks for making a difference.

As the independent voice of users worldwide, your influence on technical communities is felt in many ways—enhancing people’s lives and contributing to our industry’s success. We’re deeply grateful to you for sharing your feedback, comments, answers, and expertise with technical communities. In recognition of your commitment, Microsoft is pleased to honor you with the Most Valuable Professional Award. Thank you for empowering the community with your outstanding leadership!

Steven A. Ballmer
Chief Executive Officer
Microsoft Corporation

Thank you for your exceptional contributions to technical communities! It gives us great pleasure to present you with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the technical expertise you generously provide to others. By sharing your knowledge, experience, and objective feedback, you inspire and help people to solve problems and discover new capabilities every day. We are honored to welcome you as a Microsoft MVP.

Rich Kaplan
Corporate Vice President
Customer and Partner Advocacy
Microsoft Corporation

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