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There where today alot of sessions because teched is fully booked you must come early or else your seat is gone this is a bad thing, I had this blue shirt with microsoft on it and Staf on my badge so I have been kicked out in a cluster session. this to make room for other people , Microsoft personal where not allowed –| .

So you can see clustering is getting popular and why well Hyper-V wants it for the cluster shared volumes ( CSV ) and with this you can do live migration of hyper-v VM’s . The CSV volumes are not suitable for file sharing it will not work the volumes are getting corrupted if you do !

SVR319 Multi-Site Clustering with Windows Server 2008 R2

This session is all about clustering the do’s and don’t

What if you have only one datacenter ?       Well multi-site clustering is now here          You can give the network interface a “OR” option

image  image image

If you have only one san But you need 24×7 uptime than you san needs replication but how ?

image image image

So make a choice whay do you need sync or A-sync and very important is the cluster validation tool.

 image here is a overview of the new Witness disk the old quorum disk.

CLI306 How-to: Windows 7 Deployment on a Stick!

What do you need

image image

use the MDT 2010 tool kit and make sure you use imagex ! here you can image your system and create a image for redeploying in the old days this was a riprep image you all know this was sometimes a pain in the % . now it rocks.

The POS session is also about deploying and imagex

EMB203 Using Windows Deployment Services and Microsoft System Center to Deploy and Manage a Point-of-Service (POS) System Running POSReady

at this session there where only a few people so was it not interesting ? well below are a view of the PPTX.

image image image

As you can see SCCM come across in most of the products now days time to learn SCCM the new SMS 2003 yes or no. I like the product but only for OS deployment ??? no use WDS think create build and deploy TCBD is my opinion easy to do test it in your hyper-v environment build a DC, WDS , deploy windows 7 and capture a image with imagex and put the image.wim file in the wds and redeploy it to a new machine so 4 VM’s can do this. hardware one quadcore  and 4 gb memory a basic desktop now days.

image image

there is more to come but you have to see this stuff slides are fine but the realthing is better.


And remember there will be NO 32 bit windows 2008 R2 OS !

on some slides microsoft uses the x86 but this means not always that it is x32 no it means this is a intel based machine.

I had a lot of questions of when will there be a 32 bit windows 2008 R2 server ? why do you want to have this server for testing ? but you have hyper-v for testing ?

Well suppose you have running windows 7 and want to do a virtual windows 2008 R2 then you have a problem… tomorrow a new day and fresh questions.

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