Teched 2009 Clustering new documentation migration to a R2 cluster

Just a quick recap on the cluster sheets this week, there were a lot of questions how do I solve the split brain thing.

Well make sure you have one cluster node up and do start the services with force state like below

net start clussvc /fixquorum

Or with powershell

Start-ClusterNode –FixQuorum


image image image

So just now there is new documentation discussing special cases and consideration when migration to a R2 cluster (from 2003, 2008 or R2). Additional considerations needed for DFS-Replication, DHCP, (MS)DTC, Exchange, File Server, MSMQ, Print, SQL, VMs and 3rd Party

Resources. Link: Our general R2 migration guide is here:

Additional detailed guidance for the following migrations on a cluster is also available:



Steps for migrating from R2 RC to R2 RTM are here:

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