What can go Wrong during the SQL 11 upgrade ( Beta SQL 11 Denali )

Now that there is a beta of SQL 11 ( denali ) I want to see if I can break my Cluster with SQL 2008 on it during the upgrade. Yes I can.


These are testing machines ( snapshot of production ) and the screenshot are showing you what can go wrong. It was hard to make a blog post about this there was so much to fix and to do and to explane how to solve things.  At the end I deside to create a fresh cluster ;-(



I use a 2 node cluster windows 2008r2 with SQL 2008 on it 2 named sql instances.image

Lesson 1 be prepared and no rush during de upgrade.

Lesson 2 Make sure your current SQL cluster is fine if not do not upgrade !

In my post http://robertsmit.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/clustering-sql-2008-on-windows-2008-r2-what-can-go-wrong/ and I guessed it would be fun to do this with SQL Denali.

Well It is fun but the things I want to fix and to make sure the I can fix it and write a blog about this was not easy.

Well this blog is holding a lot of screen shots to see what and how the installation can be done.

So my 2 node cluster that I used for the SQL 2008 what can go wrong is up and running and ready for the beta sql 11.

I downloaded the SQL denali beta mounted the ISO in my hyper-V and started the splash.

But first let me test this on a brand new cluster and see how things are going.

Except I use the Same IP for the SQL instance ( typo on perpes )

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008 

Ok I needed a reboot package after the reboot I’m ready to go


Fill in your key or leave it this way ( give your key later )

clip_image022 clip_image024

clip_image026 clip_image028

Give the file location and name the instance

clip_image030 clip_image032


clip_image036 clip_image038

I give the disk and the IP number ( make sure it is a free IP )

clip_image040 clip_image042 

Put in the service account

clip_image044 clip_image046

Some new screens

clip_image048 clip_image050

clip_image052  Well All set and ready to go But during the install there was this error, What is it and why ?

clip_image054  clip_image058

Well It seams that I used a Ip adress that was not Free but why this error and why not installing and leave the resource off line. So what is the status of the install.

Well there is no cluster good that this was not the production SQL so lets remove it an reinstall

clip_image056 clip_image062

clip_image064 clip_image066

Can’t find the SQL , yes the setup did not install it but why ?

clip_image068 clip_image070 clip_image072

clip_image074 But on more error messages to go there is no clean fix and this is just for not putting in a right Ip adress. next step clean out the register and delete the files, and rerun the setup again.



After playing with denali and upgrading , deinstall , install, fresh install , Win2008R2 Sp1

If you are beta testing denali on a cluster do not use the setup for cluster node install but choose the prepare for cluster install and after that use the finish cluster install. this works fine and fast.

Both my test clusters are broken during the upgrade It is all my fault I did this and not all the errors are SQL denali problems. but the main problem is make sure you have a plan and if something goes wrong make sure you can fixit or do a rollback.

In my case the only thing I did was a taken IP address and running an instance that is clustered and running a non clustered instance on both nodes.  seems not logical at all. But have you seen crappy sql clusters ? Or are all your Clusters in excellent shape ?

dumb questions do not exist, but have you ever worked on a helpdesk ?




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