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There is always a question in hyper-v on how much IOPS or resources do you need eh well a lot. More is better. we can always scale down<> yeh right

Great ne options or in place with windows server 2012R2 Resource metering. Limit the VM Gui or in powershell

with get-command * you will get all commands

with get-command *.vmres* you will get this.



First we will turn-on the monitoring

with get-vm I get a list of all the vm’s on this server


Collects resource utilization data for a virtual machine or resource pool.

Enable-VMResourceMetering –VMName Master

Enable-VMResourceMetering –VMName *

For all the machines.



get-vm * |Enable-VMResourceMetering
get-vm * | Format-List Name,ResourceMeteringEnabled


With  New-VMResourcePool you can create a pool for the VM’s

get-vm * |Measure-VM to get the VM resource usage info


Get more detail resources from a VM or all

get-vm mvpvmm01 |Measure-VM |select *


here is my iops info !

AverageProcessorUsage           : 2
AverageMemoryUsage              : 41
MaximumMemoryUsage              : 2048
MinimumMemoryUsage              : 1144
TotalDiskAllocation             : 130048
AggregatedAverageNormalizedIOPS : 8
AggregatedAverageLatency        : 392
AggregatedDiskDataRead          : 6460
AggregatedDiskDataWritten       : 7238

get it from all running VM’s



See how easy this is to get all the info

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